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Christmas Magic Camp at Holy Nativity School

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Holiday Magic Camps at The Hawai’i Children’s Discovery Center

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If you're asking yourself, "Why Magic?"...

Take a look at our story and our mission:

Over 30 years ago, The Reading Company CEO Dr. Brad Kerwin began performing magic. He began showing magic to his English students at Punahou School, out of which a magic club formed called “The Magic Mafia.” As the club sought venues to perform, Dr. K met local magicians like John Hirokawa and Curtis Kam.


In 1991, Dr. Kerwin began directing Punahou’s Summer School program, where he and local magician Curtis Kam decided to develop a Magic Class. From there it became obvious that our students’ love of magic could be used as a learning fuel of sorts. Our young magicians learn incredible illusions and mindblowing magic while gaining indispensable life skills.

Over the years, we have found that magic is a perfect tool for improving students’ skills in:


– Public speaking

– Critical thinking

– Performance

– Executive functioning

– Leadership

– Teamwork

– Self confidence


Our main curriculum is now based on the “four Ps” of magic: Preparation, Poise, Presentation, and Performance, through which we’ve seen many quiet students become confident, happy, and communicative persons at their schools, with their friends, and at home.

The Honolulu Magic Company is the unofficial name of the magic class division of The Reading Company – we use both our TRC office space at Coffee Talk in Kaimuki and our connections with institutions such as Punahou School, Holy Nativity School, and The Hawai’i Children’s Discovery Center to host magic programs for weeks at a time throughout the year. Check out our upcoming programs above, and we’ll see you there!


Need more information about programs or enrollment? Get in touch with us! | (808) 732-3281