Get Into Kindergarten

Kindergarten Admissions in Hawai'i are tough.

Our goal is to bring our expertise to the families of Hawaii at an affordable price, from preparing for kindergarten all the way through applying to college. We believe that all students and all families should have access to as much information as possible when making decisions about an academic career. The choices that a student or their family must make during that career can be daunting, and it is undoubtedly one of the largest decisions made in a child or young adult’s lifetime. We want to help you to make the best decision you can by providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Using Dr. Kerwin’s extensive experience as an administrator, we walk parents through the application process at the schools they and their children are interested in. Our tutors do mock interviews and step-by-step SSAT preparation with each of our students in order to adequately prepare them for the difficult process of applying to private schools. While we cannot guarantee that your child will get into the school of your choosing, we can ensure that your child will have the best chance possible of getting into a private school here in Hawaii.

Personalized Kindergarten Coaching

The Reading Company with Pre-K students and families to demystify, personalize and individualize the daunting process of applying and getting into Kindergarten.

Dr. K, the administrative team at The Reading Company, and outside experts have collaborated to create our Kindergarten Cohort program, which launched its pilot in the fall of 2017. Kindergarten Cohort is a semester-long, weekly program designed to coach Pre-K students and their families using the most current information, individualized counseling and teaching, group work and activities, and parent workshops to prepare for kindergarten admissions.

In a small groups of 8 students or less, our specialists work to advance both the cognitive and social skills of our students. This small group setting imitates the application and “interview” method used by most private Kindergartens, where students are observed interacting with unfamiliar adults, environments, and other children. The student to teacher ratio for the Kindergarten Cohort is kept at a 3:1 level but also involves 1-on-1 time and other breakout activities that present new puzzles and challenges to our students every week. On the parent side, we coach parents into understanding the TRC “SAFE” Fit that we use for all our applicants of all ages each year. SAFE stands for:

  • Social
  • Academic
  • Financial
  • Environmental

We want to ensure our parents understand the idea of “fit” broken down into these categories. We also want our parents to be able to take home some of the concepts we are working on with their children so they can be reinforced in the home. We do this through: individual consultations, phone conferencing, workshops, comparing private and public options, and continued communication throughout the course.