Get Into College

Personalized College Coaching

Our goal at The Reading Company is to get your child into college. We provide high quality college coaching at affordable prices for all families, one student at a time. We want to demystify, humanize, personalize and individualize the college journey. Whether applying for undergraduate or graduate programs, The Reading Company can help you obtain the educational experience you or your child deserves. We do this utilizing TRC’s SAFE Fit. SAFE stands for:

    • Social
    • Academic
    • Financial
    • Environmental

Taking these factors into consideration we build a bottom-up, individual criteria-based list of schools that are appropriate for each student.

Breaking Down the Process

These five steps are the basis of our approach to get your students from high school into college.

  1. Test preparation
  2. Creating a personalized list of colleges
  3. Applying to your colleges
  4. Planning your collegiate experience
  5. How to pay for college

Test Preparation

We work with and use a program developed by Dr. Kerwin to guarantee that our students achieve their highest potential scores on the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and even graduate-level tests such as the LSAT and the MCAT. We offer SAT/ACT Prep classes throughout the year that provide our students with an understanding of how the test works and in what ways they can raise their scores on the math, critical reading, writing and essay sections. Sign up now!

We also offer individual test prep tutoring for any test that you are applying for, be it undergraduate, graduate, or even work-specific. Email us here about what we can offer you.

Creating a Personalized List of Colleges

Utilizing the College Board’s My College Quickstart program, Naviance’s SuperMatch search engine, and various other school aggregation services, we will work with you to find an appropriate list of colleges suited to your social, academic, financial, and environmental needs. We aim to have your list include a range of colleges, eventually creating a portfolio of universities that will include your dream schools as well as some schools you may not have known previously.

Applying to your Colleges

We will walk you through your applications and essays, ensuring that you present your best self to the colleges you have chosen. This includes picking the correct people to write recommendations for you, choosing the right time to submit your applications, and what to do if you are wait-listed at a school.

Planning your Collegiate Experience

Choosing a major and deciding what classes to take is an important part of college. There are advisers at all universities that will assist you with your academic journey. However, oftentimes students have additional questions about the rest of college life. Things like housing concerns, what clubs to join, what you need to bring versus what you need to purchase once you arrive, and any other personal questions you might have – we’re here to answer those.

Paying for College

Finances can be seen as obstacles to prevent you from attending the college of your choice. At The Reading Company, we know of many ways to make college more affordable. Parents and students will learn how to apply for financial aid with the FAFSA as well as how to find and apply for other scholarships, loans, and grants. They will also learn what kinds of additional expenses they can expect, and what they can do to prepare for any and all of these costs. Ultimately, we will create an individualized financial aid package for you and your school.