Preliminary Consultations

Before beginning any coaching, our administrative team must have all the information necessary to individualize our work with your child. To achieve this, we will need to meet with your family for 1 to 2 hours to discuss your needs, concerns, and goals.

During this consultation, we will analyze elements of your child’s overall profile, such as:

  • Grades
  • Test Scores (SSAT, SAT, ACT)
  • General skill levels
  • Learning differences or special needs
  • Special skills, sports, or personal interests
  • Writing ability (where applicable)
  • Family/teacher observations
  • Based on those elements, we can then:
  • Define what success looks like for your child
  • Develop short-term and long-term plans for their, and your, academic goals
  • Discuss costs
  • Discuss a suitable tutoring schedule


Proprietary information will be shared with you during this consultation. As such, there is a consultation fee. Please let us know if you were referred to us by anyone.

Who should attend this consultation?

Students ages 6+ should be in attendance. Their input can be integral to developing their plan.

We recommend that children ages 5 and under do not attend.

Any others involved in your child’s academic journey are welcome to attend.