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Get Into Private School

Personalized Private School Coaching

The Reading Company works with K-12 students and families to demystify and individualize the private school journey. Our goal is to bring our expertise to the families of Hawaii at an affordable price, from preparing for kindergarten all the way through applying to college. We believe that all students and all families should have access to as much information as possible when making decisions about an academic career. The choices that a student or their family must make during that career can be daunting, and it is undoubtedly one of the largest decisions made in a child or young adult’s lifetime. We want to help you to make the best decision you can by providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. As Supporting Members of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, we give frank and candid guidance to our families about all schools and the appropriate fit for each student.

Using Dr. Kerwin’s extensive experience as an administrator, we walk parents through the application process at the schools they and their children are interested in. Our coaches do mock interviews and step-by-step SSAT preparation with each of our students in order to adequately prepare them for the difficult process of applying to private schools. While we cannot guarantee that your child will get into the school of your choosing, we can ensure that your child will have the best chance possible of getting into a private school here in Hawaii. The Reading Company has been working with students on the SSAT for almost 40 years. As the most common test for private school application in the state of Hawaii, we know parents will want to understand the test, when to take it, how many times to take it, and how to help their children strategize for it. We’re here to help!

In order to start things up with TRC, we first need to set up an Initial Consultation. (You can request one here!)  This is a meeting that lasts for up to 2 hours (usually averages around one) and consists of discussing:

  1. Individual one-on-one consultation with parents
  2. Assessment of family needs and desires
  3. Analysis of student’s present overall profile
    1. Grades
    2. Test scores
    3. General skill levels
    4. Special needs/Learning differences
    5. Special skills or sports
    6. Writing ability (where applicable)
  1. Recommendations

Throughout the process of working with our clients, we will continue to work on discuss:

  1. Public vs. Private School
  2. Development of school list
  3. Applying to your schools
  4. Test preparation
  5. Interview prep and rehearsal
  6. Decision Day: Which school do I choose?
  7. Planning your child’s school experience
  8. Financing private education

As well as any individual academic goals a family or student may have.

Parents begin by directly utilizing The Reading Company’s unique familiarity and background of having worked and consulted with more than 50 private and public schools in the state.

  • Each child’s parents discuss various schools and options that meet our “SAFE Fit” profile for the student. Each school should fit these criteria for each individual student/family:
    • Socially
    • Academically
    • Financially
    • Environmentally

In addition to the above processes, we will work with our families to walk everyone through:

  • How you get the applications for your selected schools
  • An Application Workshop taking you through all of the steps
  • Creating a calendar schedule for completing each application
  • Meeting with you to answer all of your other questions